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Sunday, November 10, 2013

November's first snow!

What a lovely surprise, the first snow of the season!  But I am getting ahead of myself....

We started the weekend at the Shaker Village in Canterbury.  Delightful setting, a wonderful gift shop, a very peaceful way of life. We got a bit of holiday shopping done, and it was nice to buy gifts that were hand made, by people who care about what they make, and have complete artistic control over what they sell.  Nice to not have to always accept mass production.

Then, after sitting in the car for a while, activity seemed to be the order of the day, so we went for the next mountain in the Belknap chain....this time, Gunstock.  ( I think there are seven more..?) So up we went.  Very different, seeing the mountain without snow.  But the views were just as beautiful.  And the girls enjoyed it, as always.

And then, this morning......

Welcome to winter.  The Farmer's Almanac says there is plenty more where this came from!! Hope you have your shovels and skis ready.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween! It's Halloween!

And what better way to spend it than going through Morbid Mountain with a bunch a scaredy-cats.  And I speak of the other customers, not MY family.  You see, we come from a well established line of haunted house staff members.  So it takes a lot to scare us.
But is was cold.
And it was dark.
And there were a lot of creepy things in the woods.


But we made it out, and will return next year.  Good job Gunstock Mountain!

Take a look at these faces...wouldn't you feel safe walking with them in a haunted house?

Columbus Day goes out with a ...peel out?

It is not the size of the wheels, it is the technique and determination of the driver.  At least that is the story I will stick to when asked. 

A birthday outing for our friends turned into one of the best afternoons I have had so far in Winnipesaukee!  After a rideabout with the Motivator (who was relaxing this afternoon - it was, after all, a holiday), we were searching for a place to eat lunch.  After searching thru three towns, one Harley Davidson dealer, and a few stores along the way, we saw it....  The Broken Spoke!
Now, I have seen the Broken Spoke many times.  I thought it was a summer attraction, and it never entered my line of sight that it served food and beverages.  So, when our friends said, "The Broken Spoke looks like our kind of place", I thought that had given up the intent of eating. 
We entered the parking lot to be greeted by a handful of folks who told us that "you girls need an escort to enter today!"  Yeah, no.  In we went, unescorted.
What ensued was a fabulously fun afternoon of being entertained by a staff that knew they were closing up for the season, and a manager I can not wait to meet again! Professional in every way, and I just want to tell those owners, Keep that guy!!  He is good for your business!
Now comes time to leave.  Just before we exit, a Harley leaves in the way Harleys are wont to leave. Of course, everyone on the back porch (including our wannabe escort) is cheering and clapping the dust and rubber smoke.  We are walking out, and....yes, before I know it, my friends are telling me that a Hyundai can indeed burn rubber, and I am receiving instruction from a girl who really does own a Harley.  She has done this many times before, I can guess, but I am equally sure this will be a disappointment to her Harley sensibilities.  But I will give it a try. And I do.  In front of a lot of people I am grateful I will not see again until May.  Except the Motivator.  And my friends.  Who, I hear, had a fabulous birthday.  Come on back girls.
  Let's make Columbus Day weekend the "We are here to close down the Spoke" weekend!

Oh, and I built a firepit too.  Before the whole Spoke thing.

 And we went to the Barrel Tasting Weekend before that!  I love autumn!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Signs of summer..holding on.

The summer is drawing to a close, but we cling to every little bit of sunshine and warmth, even as fall approaches.  Great weekend, with a little nip of fall in the air!  Everyone has their own way of getting in the last little bit of fun!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "invigorating" hike....

Now, the guide book information tells you that Mt. Belknap is a relatively easy mountain to climb.  Somewhere it said it was a 700 ft. elevation.  I think they meant if you put a ruler on the ground through the middle of it..... AFTER you climbed half way from the parking lot! 

Lesson here:  Don't believe the guidebooks.

But it was a good day, starting with a ride to the top of the Gunstock Mountain to watch my 70+ aunt head off down the Zipline (her grandchildren did not believe she did it...Oh, but yes she did!).  Lest you think me a coward, I want to state that I took that same "Zip Trip" several weeks ago.  And it was a blast!

 The trip up Belknap wasn't so bad really.  It was a beautiful day, and the girls had a good time. 

How could you not love the view?! In just a short time, all this green will be replaced
with brilliant reds and vibrant golds.  Don't you want to be here too?

Labor Day fun in the (mostly) sun

What a lovely weekend it was to be on Lake Winnipesaukee!  I must say I was a bit nervous taking the NH Safe Boating test, but I managed to pass.  Good thing, or the Motivator would have been very unhappy!
The pontoon boat was great fun, and I have to say that Fay's Boat Yard was fabulous to us.  We spent the day tooling around the Lake, swimming, and watching out for the other boats.  Except for a few missed markers here and there (and one slightly hysterical homeowner trying to waive us off the rocks), it was a good day.  Perfect way to end the summer........

Mt Washington


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ah, summer......

That's it.....Just "Ah, summer......" 
Don't forget, IronMan Triathalon next weekend, so watch out for athletes!!  And August 23 -24 is Gilford Old Home Days, so come join us in an old-fashioned New England celebration!

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a Leo kinda month...

So August approaches, and the newest Leo is the little Prince George...Luck boy to be a Leo!(and he will hopefully grow into his name!)  But there are lots of us, to be sure, and we are all fabulous. At least in August.
This month, there is lots going on in the Lakes Region, but for this post, I wanted to highlight the Ladies of the Lakes Quilt Show, happening this weekend on August 2 and 3 in Wolfeboro.  I love a good quilt show, and am looking forward to seeing what the Lakes Region ladies have to offer in the way of quilts - but I am sure they will all be just lovely!

You can get more info at:
2013 Guild Raffle Quilt
This is the Ladies of the Lakes raffle quilt for 2013!
 And of course, if you are in the area, be sure to stop in to Keepsake Quilting!  Just a short ride away in Center Harbor, and make it a woo-hoo kind of day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And now...the 4th of July!!

So, the next big holiday of the season, and we are high above the Lake and able to see all the fireworks....and there are a lot of them.  Everywhere.  We are not used to such illegal activity all around us, being from Massachusetts and all.  (HA!)  But it is a bit overwhelming (especially for one of the Motivator's favorite girls) to have so many explosions all around.  But it was beautiful, and a great way to celebrate our nation's birthday. A shout out to our friends in Tuftonboro, who provided us with fun, sun, laughter and song!! Thanks, and turn up the Queen!

But then, some of us didn't really feel that much like celebrating....  Good job with those wisdom teeth, buddy!  What a place to have to recuperate!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Rain Delay

Ah, it does happen sometimes, doesn't it?  The best of plans go awry....But a day off is still a day off, and several in a row is not a bad thing.  We found plenty to entertain ourselves, and photography is enjoyable, IF you can keep the camera dry.  And it finally stopped raining...

 Some of the
summer sights....
very different
from the
just a few
weeks ago!

Even got some work done!
Now you can find the North River!!        Well, not exactly.....  See you soon!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thanks to Monkey Trunks!

This was the weekend when  the Scouts came to visit Monkey Trunks in Weirs Beach - what a great place that is!!!  We can not say enough good things about the facility and more important, the staff!! 
The boys and leaders had a fabulous time, as evidenced by the fact almost everyone was asleep by 10 pm!!  Always a good thing.... 


And the tents looked great in the backyard too....How can you not love camping?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New look for dining room!

Well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks.
Working in the dining room has been very satisfying (even though the only reason it was totaly dismantled is because the Motivator didn't like the previous color....really?!)  So, off to find something I have heard characterized as "whimsical".  Now, I know that "whimsy" can be good - meaning you are artsy, creative, entertaining - OR, it can mean that you are off your rocker and WHAT were you thinking.  So here we are with the monkeys in the balloons.  Whimsical.

On another note, the Motivator has been learning to ski.  After an entire lifetime around snow, this is the moment she chooses to learn.  Doing very well, and then!! comes the ice.  Combined with avoiding the snowboarders, and she is in the ER with torn ligaments.  Because of her shoulder strength, she has a minor tear, so should be back to lifting very heavy things very soon.  And will also return to Motivating, I am sure.

                                Let that be a lesson kids.  Learn to ski when you are young.
                                Enjoy the monkeys!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time for an update! (And Happy B-Day, Mom!)

The weather is a slight bit different than my last post, and only a few weeks apart.  Today was 54 degrees and brightly sunny (brightly sunny?  Really?!  My AP English teacher is screaming somewhere)....  But it was.  Brightly sunny, that is.  The snow is retreating just a bit...I couldn't even see this wall two weeks the changes are beginning.

When you buy a house in the winter, every day is a reminder that you have no idea the surprises that are coming when the snow is finally gone, and the earth warms up just enough to give you a peek.
Daylight savings time starts tonight.  One step closer to that peek!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a lovely day!

Now, mind you, I am not the ski type, but I do love a good snowfall.  Too bad this one had to come on Sunday morning!  Not anything at home, but in Gilford, a winter wonderland!!
And all the ski types were having fun too!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress at last!

Well, it has been a messy couple of weeks...literally.  Paint everywhere, but (again, thru the major efforts of the Motivator) there is a huge piece of work out of the way, and the house is looking good - even with photos.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow!
The Motivator is taking her first ski lesson today, so we will see if the slopes survive!  I hope to convince her to bring her camera.  We will see.
Family and friends coming this weekend, and waiting to see what's up with the would be terrible if vacation had to be extended for another day because we were stuck here....just terrible..... :)
Stay safe. And don't forget to become a follower, and forward this to anyone you might know who is looking for a good time.

That didn't sound right, now did it? You know what I meant.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow, snow everywhere.....

Just another day on the slopes for the very happy operators of Gunstock Mountain!  More than a foot of fresh powder, and everyone is smiling.  Including me.
Settled in to the house, just a few chores to do, but they will get done, as they always do, thanks mostly to The Motivator.  She rocks!
Hope to see you all soon!