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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "invigorating" hike....

Now, the guide book information tells you that Mt. Belknap is a relatively easy mountain to climb.  Somewhere it said it was a 700 ft. elevation.  I think they meant if you put a ruler on the ground through the middle of it..... AFTER you climbed half way from the parking lot! 

Lesson here:  Don't believe the guidebooks.

But it was a good day, starting with a ride to the top of the Gunstock Mountain to watch my 70+ aunt head off down the Zipline (her grandchildren did not believe she did it...Oh, but yes she did!).  Lest you think me a coward, I want to state that I took that same "Zip Trip" several weeks ago.  And it was a blast!

 The trip up Belknap wasn't so bad really.  It was a beautiful day, and the girls had a good time. 

How could you not love the view?! In just a short time, all this green will be replaced
with brilliant reds and vibrant golds.  Don't you want to be here too?

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