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Sunday, November 10, 2013

November's first snow!

What a lovely surprise, the first snow of the season!  But I am getting ahead of myself....

We started the weekend at the Shaker Village in Canterbury.  Delightful setting, a wonderful gift shop, a very peaceful way of life. We got a bit of holiday shopping done, and it was nice to buy gifts that were hand made, by people who care about what they make, and have complete artistic control over what they sell.  Nice to not have to always accept mass production.

Then, after sitting in the car for a while, activity seemed to be the order of the day, so we went for the next mountain in the Belknap chain....this time, Gunstock.  ( I think there are seven more..?) So up we went.  Very different, seeing the mountain without snow.  But the views were just as beautiful.  And the girls enjoyed it, as always.

And then, this morning......

Welcome to winter.  The Farmer's Almanac says there is plenty more where this came from!! Hope you have your shovels and skis ready.

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