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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Columbus Day goes out with a ...peel out?

It is not the size of the wheels, it is the technique and determination of the driver.  At least that is the story I will stick to when asked. 

A birthday outing for our friends turned into one of the best afternoons I have had so far in Winnipesaukee!  After a rideabout with the Motivator (who was relaxing this afternoon - it was, after all, a holiday), we were searching for a place to eat lunch.  After searching thru three towns, one Harley Davidson dealer, and a few stores along the way, we saw it....  The Broken Spoke!
Now, I have seen the Broken Spoke many times.  I thought it was a summer attraction, and it never entered my line of sight that it served food and beverages.  So, when our friends said, "The Broken Spoke looks like our kind of place", I thought that had given up the intent of eating. 
We entered the parking lot to be greeted by a handful of folks who told us that "you girls need an escort to enter today!"  Yeah, no.  In we went, unescorted.
What ensued was a fabulously fun afternoon of being entertained by a staff that knew they were closing up for the season, and a manager I can not wait to meet again! Professional in every way, and I just want to tell those owners, Keep that guy!!  He is good for your business!
Now comes time to leave.  Just before we exit, a Harley leaves in the way Harleys are wont to leave. Of course, everyone on the back porch (including our wannabe escort) is cheering and clapping the dust and rubber smoke.  We are walking out, and....yes, before I know it, my friends are telling me that a Hyundai can indeed burn rubber, and I am receiving instruction from a girl who really does own a Harley.  She has done this many times before, I can guess, but I am equally sure this will be a disappointment to her Harley sensibilities.  But I will give it a try. And I do.  In front of a lot of people I am grateful I will not see again until May.  Except the Motivator.  And my friends.  Who, I hear, had a fabulous birthday.  Come on back girls.
  Let's make Columbus Day weekend the "We are here to close down the Spoke" weekend!

Oh, and I built a firepit too.  Before the whole Spoke thing.

 And we went to the Barrel Tasting Weekend before that!  I love autumn!!

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