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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Signs of summer..holding on.

The summer is drawing to a close, but we cling to every little bit of sunshine and warmth, even as fall approaches.  Great weekend, with a little nip of fall in the air!  Everyone has their own way of getting in the last little bit of fun!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "invigorating" hike....

Now, the guide book information tells you that Mt. Belknap is a relatively easy mountain to climb.  Somewhere it said it was a 700 ft. elevation.  I think they meant if you put a ruler on the ground through the middle of it..... AFTER you climbed half way from the parking lot! 

Lesson here:  Don't believe the guidebooks.

But it was a good day, starting with a ride to the top of the Gunstock Mountain to watch my 70+ aunt head off down the Zipline (her grandchildren did not believe she did it...Oh, but yes she did!).  Lest you think me a coward, I want to state that I took that same "Zip Trip" several weeks ago.  And it was a blast!

 The trip up Belknap wasn't so bad really.  It was a beautiful day, and the girls had a good time. 

How could you not love the view?! In just a short time, all this green will be replaced
with brilliant reds and vibrant golds.  Don't you want to be here too?

Labor Day fun in the (mostly) sun

What a lovely weekend it was to be on Lake Winnipesaukee!  I must say I was a bit nervous taking the NH Safe Boating test, but I managed to pass.  Good thing, or the Motivator would have been very unhappy!
The pontoon boat was great fun, and I have to say that Fay's Boat Yard was fabulous to us.  We spent the day tooling around the Lake, swimming, and watching out for the other boats.  Except for a few missed markers here and there (and one slightly hysterical homeowner trying to waive us off the rocks), it was a good day.  Perfect way to end the summer........

Mt Washington