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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Snow-Giving!

The weather in the mountains can change on a dime - one day, you are raking leaves in your shirtsleeves, and then the next....BAM!!  You are shoveling your way up the driveway.
The season of thankfulness and giving is upon us. The first snows of the season fell before the pumpkin pie was even out of the oven!  But it was a beautiful sight, and we were all together (with power, thankfully).
Such is life in New Hampshire, and much of New England.  That's why we love it. 
But the family made it safely, and we had a great weekend, eating and enjoying each other's company.

Oh, and then there were the Scrabble games....but we will not speak of that......

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

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